The Philippines has a new president, Rodrigo Duterte. In Italy he's talked little. Yet the Philippines are relevant with a hundred million inhabitants, Asia's largest Christian state (81% Catholic). However Duterte has insulted the Pope for major traffic jams caused by his visit to Manila. Long-mayor of Davao on the island of Mindanao, Duterte has led a fight against crime with heavy methods: "How do you think you were able to make Davao one of the safest cities in the world? Killing everyone, "he said, confirming that it has also used extra-legal means. For him, the fight against crime leads to eradicate poverty, while talking to restore the death penalty. Time described it as" the punisher. " Yet his popularity is strong.
Grande is now the concern for authoritarian rule in a country freed from the dictator Marcos only in 1986 thanks to a peaceful transition aroused by the moral courage to Corazon Aquino and Cardinal Sin. Among the other a son of Marcos competes for the vice presidency. He comes from questioning the impact of the message of Pope Francis , who was on a visit in January 2015 and picked up seven million people for a Mass in Manila. Duterte is called the "Philippine Trump." In fact it is affirmed in many parts of the world the attraction for "strong men". The Philippines, despite great poverty, have had a good economic growth. Corruption and crime are, however, widespread. Democracies are too weak to meet these challenges. Freedom of the press seems an option ( in the Philippines seven journalists were killed last year ). The simplistic solutions attract. Also in Europe. It is the dangerous attraction of the order intended as a force without limit, is the contempt of democratic mechanisms.
Moreover, in many countries of the world the challenge of violence and crime is huge. Democracy looks weak. Not so. But the democratic parties are little rooted among the people and give little confidence. We must fight against crime and corruption, but above all to create a popular political culture, real antidote to violence and corruption. So you should invest on education and culture.

Editorial by: Andrea Riccardi on "Famiglia Cristiana" of May 22, 2016.
(translated by Jenny Aja Babon)
21 Agosto 2018

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